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The D2D1Renderer brings a lightweight 2D API build on top of Microsofts Direct2D API. As an independent renderer it renders his content on an ID3D11Texture. With the texture output it is possible to mix the 2D content of the renderer with a DirectX11 device. Put it on a mesh or use it as an overlay.

It works over surface sharing, so that the renderer is able to work with Windows 7.

The D2D1Renderer provides an API that is similar to the HTML5 canvas specification. With this it is easy to make draw calls, like drawing lines, rectangles, circles, images, text, polygons or other two dimensional shapes.

To handle the amount of draw calls a new API was build on top of the canvas that provides an API that is familiar to Adobe Flash developers. It simplifies the work with the canvas element and organises the code in a displaylist.

With an easy to use interaction model and easy throwing of own events it gives a good base to develope own user interface elements for a DirectX11 application.

For the moment it supports some prebuild unstyled ui elements like WindowContainer, ScrollbarContainer, TabContainer, Button, Checkbox, ScrollBar, Textfield, TreeList.

It works well with

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